The first general election of Nepalese history was held on 2015BS. In these elections, Nepali Congress won 74 seats out of 109 seats. Thus it was two-third majority to form a government. B.P. Koirala took oath on 16th Ashadh, 2016 BS. It was the beginning of a stable and democratic political practice in Nepal. Nepal just started to have socio-economic and political reformation. But, regressive and reactionary forces began to make conspiracies. Several disturbances took place. King Mahendra, who didn’t like the activities of political parties, took the opportunity on 1st of Poush, 2017 BS and made a speech broadcast on the radio announcing his takeover.

         “Because of the misuse of the authority, corruption has increased; there is anarchy in the nation so that national unity is threatened. Random economic decisions have caused instability. In order to protect national unity, create peace and co-operation and to save the whole country we are forced to act according to Article 55, until a new system is put in place. With good wishes and support from all Nepalese good governance will prove to be possible.”

         With this allegation, the king arrested the Prime Minister, the ministers and other leaders and put them in prison.

Some of the major incidents of Panchayat Reign

      Janakpur Incident of Magh 2018BS.:

         On Magh of 2018 BS, Durgananda Jha hurled a bomb at the jeep of king Mahendra while he was travelling to Janakpur. Mahendra had narrow escape. In this event, Durgananda Jha, Arabinda Kumar Thakur and Dalsingh Thapa were declared to be executed. But Durgananda Jha was hanged on 25th Magh, 2020 BS and other two were life-imprisoned.

      Piscar Kanda of 2040 BS:

         In a shootout aimed at people watching the cultural show, around 7 people lost their live. At this moment Suryabahadur Thapa was the Prime Minister of Nepal.

      Sukhani massacre/Jhapa Rebellion 2028 BS.:

         Some young communist leaders started to revolt against government and they killed few Jhapali landlords including Dharma Prasad Upadhaya in Jhapa. Some insurgents who were involved in the rebellion were caught and brought to Sukhani in Ilam where they were killed. It is known as ‘Sukhani Massacre’. Ramnath Dahal, Narayan Shrestha, Krishna Kuinkel, Netra Prasad Ghimire and Biren Rajbansi were killed on the charge of Dharma Prasad Upadhyay’s murder who was the then Member of National Panchayat.

      Singha Durbar Blaze in 2030 BS.

         In 2030 BS, Singadurbar was caught in fire and many important documents were burnt and burned into ashes. By this incident, Prime Minister Kirtinidhi Bista resigned from his post.

      Timburbote Incident, 2031.

         In 2031 BS, the Panchayat government killed many democrats such as Ram Laxman, Captain Yagya Bahadur Thapa and Bhim Narayan Shrestha in Okaldhunga. This incident is called Timburbote Incident.