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BBA Eighth Semester

Course Contents

  • Treasury Management
  • Derivatives
  • Banking Law
  • Strategy
  • Internship

Treasury Management

Treasury Management Download
Unit 1: Treasury Management-1 Download
Unit 2: Treasury Management-2 Download
Unit 2: Treasury Management -2 Download
Unit 3: Treasury Management-3 Download
Unit 4: Treasury Management-4 Download
Unit 5: Treasury Management-5
· Default Risk

· Equity Risk·

· Market Risk·




Unit 6: Treasury Management-6 Download
Pricing the Product Solution Download
Unit 7: Treasury Management-7 Download
Unit 8: Treasury Management-8 Download
· Forward Contract Download
· Credit Derivatives· Download
· Credit default swaps· Download
· Types of Derivative Contract· Download
· Swaps· Download
· Risk in Derivative Products· Download
Unit 9: Treasury Management-9 Download
Unit 10: Treasury Management-10 Download

Banking Law



Banking Law Complete Note


  1. Chapter 1 Introduction
  2. Chapter 2 Central Bank
  3. Chapter 3 Structure & Formation of Bank & FI
  4. Chapter 3 Structure and formation of Bank and FI
  5. Chapter-4 Major Banking Laws


  1. Bank Draft
  2. Bank Guarantee
  3. Banking Law (Corporate Governance)
  4. Banking laws and regulations
  5. Bill of Exchange
  6. Blacklisting
  7. Cheque
  8. Legal action of breach of promissory notes
  9. Letter Of Credit and Its Basic Features
  10. Parties involved in trade finance
  11. Promissory Notes

Business Strategy



Unit 5: Strategy Implementation


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Strategic Management Insight


  • Get evaluation of internship printed in the letter pad of an organization where you have enrolled as internee.
  • The evaluation sheet must be strictly as per the format prescribed by Tribhuvan University.
  • Adjust the heading size with the heading size of organization’s letter pad.
  • The must be seal of organization in the evaluation of internship.
  • Reference number can also be added (Based on organization’s system)
Documents Download
Format of Internship Evaluation Sheet Download
Format of To whom it may concern letter Download
Preliminary Section of Report Download

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