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BBA Seventh Semester

Course Contents

Finance Marketing
Financial Institutions and Market (FIM) Distribution
Investment Analysis Public Relation
Ethics  Ethics
Working Capital (Optional)  
Commercial Bank Operation (Optional)  
Summer Project Summer Project

Note: Choice between Working Capital and Commercial Bank Operation

Commercial Bank Operation

UNIT 1: Introduction to Business of Banking Download
UNIT 2: Risk in Banking Business Download
UNIT 3: Deposit Mobilization Download




UNIT 4: Granting Credit Download
UNIT 5: Cash Operation Download
UNIT 6: Agency Services Download
UNIT 7: Trade Finance Download
UNIT 9: Treasury Function of Bank Download
UNIT 10: Electronic Services Download


1. Myths about Business Ethics Download
2.  Scholastic Philosophy Download
3. Consequentialism, Deontology, and Mach Ethics Download
4. Virtue Ethics Download
5. Moral Principles of CSR Download
6. Business Ethics of Nepalese Firms Download
7. Business Ethics of Nepalese Firms Download
8. Consumer Protection in Nepal Download
9. Driving forces of Corporate Social Responsibility Download
10. Ethical Standard  Download
11. Financial Accounting Download
12. Standard Financial Institutions and its Responsibilities Download

Videos are great ways to Learn. We have collected some most useful videos related to Ethics for you.

Watch Video

FIM and Investment

1. Financial Institutions Management Antony Saunders textbook (16 MB) Download
2. Investment Questions (SDC) Download
3. Investment Quiz Bomb (PDF) Download
4. FIM Quiz Bomb (PDF) Download

Summer Project

1. Report Format Visit Link
2. Sample Report Download


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